4 common home storage problems and how to fix them

We reveal the top home storage problems and the simple fixes you need to avoid clutter and keep your home looking its best.  
1.    Overcrowded kitchen cupboards 

For homes with small kitchens, being able to utilise your kitchen cupboards efficiently is vital, as if not the room can easily become untidy, cluttered and chaotic to function in. However, after living in your home for a few years, it’s no surprise that available storage space can become tight as you gather various cooking utensils, pots, pans and trays. 

This is why investing in expanding cookware organisers is a brilliant solution – they are easily adjusted to fit any cupboard and will help you organise your cookware so it’s easy to access and takes up less space. You can also use them to organise your spices and cans, making it easy to grab what you need when making dinner.  

2.    There’s nowhere in your entryway to put your shoes  

There’s nothing more annoying than coming home to random piles of shoes strewn across your hallway floor or being in a hurry to get to work but not being able to find the pair you need in the disarray. This is where a shoe cupboard can become the best item of furniture you may ever buy. The conveniently angled shelves make it easy to organise your shoes, grab the pair you need, and ensure that your hallway remains a clutter-free zone. 

3.    There’s nowhere convenient to tidy away your children’s toys  

Living areas can feel less relaxing when there are a lot of toys thrown about the place after a busy and fun-filled family day. Blanket boxes and coffee tables with underneath storage will provide the solution that you need. 

This way children can still easily find the items when they want to play, but it will make tidying up in the evening quick and simple, so you can take back control of your living room, put your feet up, and unwind. 

Sideboards and drawers and basket units can be used throughout any area of the home. Easy to transport, these items can be moved to fit any free space, and are available in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, so you can find one that enhances your home décor.


4.    There are always dirty clothes littering your bedroom floor  

Nothing can impair a good night’s sleep like a messy bedroom. One of the most common problems people have is not having a proper place to store their dirty clothes. Instead, laundry ends up on the floor, hanging from chairs or getting mixed in with your clean clothes. 

To prevent this problem from occurring and to keep your sleep chamber a peaceful sanctuary, invest in a large laundry basket with dual compartments. This will make it easy to ensure light and dark fabrics remain apart and purchasing a flat-fold laundry basket will help you transport items from the machine to the line so you can get them dry as quickly as possible. 

Instead of wasting precious cupboard space on storing a bulky ironing board, why not buy a folding tabletop one? It’s easy to get out when you need to iron a shirt, and collapses to a compact size, making it easy to store once you’re finished. 

Space is a precious thing in our homes which is why it’s essential to find smart ways to use what you have. 

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Posted by Alex Dagg 28th December 2022

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