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The Chateau Wallpaper Museum Wallpaper
The Chateau Wallpaper Museum Wallpaper
Was £33.00 Now £16.49
The Wallpaper museum collection features a beautiful design. Angel tells of her first official visit to the attic where she found roll upon roll of beautiful wallpaper offcuts from designs which had adorned the walls of the Chateau. To celebrate the colours and designs a piece of each wallpaper now resides in her very own wallpaper museum. This stunning pattern has now been converted into homewares textiles which make a real statement piece in any room.
The Chateau Potagerie Cream WallpaperThe Chateau Potagerie Cream Wallpaper
The Chateau Potagerie Cream Wallpaper
Was £33.00 Now £16.49
The Potagerie Collection is inspired by a mix of things; Dick's love for the walled garden 'the potagerie', and the room which overlooks it. Angel created a real story with this design with the appearance of carrots, courgettes, sweet peas and of course bees! She even took inspiration from the flowers on the century old wallpaper which originally adorned the walls of the room.

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