Experience comfort and support throughout the day and night while working, resting, or traveling with TEMPUR®. The TEMPUR® accessories collection offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Tempur Cooling Mattress ProtectorTempur Cooling Mattress Protector
Tempur Cooling Mattress Protector
Now from £95
Doubling up as a fitted sheet, this Tempur Cooling Mattress Protector is available to buy in 5 different sizes. Designed with breathable material, this ultra thin, waterproof sleeping surface is designed to keep to you cool and adjust to your body's temperature whilst you are sleeping.
Tempur Cooling Pillow ProtectorTempur Cooling Pillow Protector
Tempur Cooling Pillow Protector
Now £25
The Tempur Cooling Pillow Protector is perfect for keeping at the perfect temperature all night for optimum comfort and a restful sleep. Acting as an extra layer beneath your favourite cover or as a pillow case itself, this ultra-thin, waterproof sleeping surface is an ideal addition in the bedroom.

Tempur Leg SpacerTempur Leg Spacer
Tempur Leg Spacer
Now £85
Recommended for use between your legs or under your ankles, to relieve pressure and enable you to sit or lie more comfortably.  This item folds up when not in use.  The soft grey fabric part of the cover also meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. This means it has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health.
Tempur Luxe Standard Cooling DuvetTempur Luxe Standard Cooling Duvet
Tempur Luxe Standard Cooling Duvet
Now from £275
Introducing the Tempur Luxe Standard Cooling Duvet, made with fibre fillings and space-certified technology, it optimises body and humidity control for a restorative nights sleep. Available in 4 different sizes, even if you share a bed with somebody else, it automatically adjusts each side helping you both have the best experience.

Tempur Original Travel PillowTempur Original Travel Pillow
Tempur Original Travel Pillow
Our Price £85
The multi-purpose Tempur Cloud Travel pillow is your ideal companion for when you’re on the go. It’s smaller than the standard-size Cloud pillow for extra convenience and versatility, so whether you’re on a plane, train or in the car, this is a travel essential that you will want to take with you everywhere.