How to liven up your kitchen with new recipes this summer

What’s on the menu for your summer garden party?

Tina Barkway, our director of buying, shares her best-kept secrets for preparing some tantalising treats this season.

1. Research some new recipes online

“One thing I love most about being in the kitchen is trying out new and fun recipes, especially when I’m cooking for guests,” Tina says. “I’d recommend hitting the cookbooks and doing some research online to get you inspired.”

“If you are trying out a new dish, I recommend finding a step-by-recipe that you can follow to make sure there are no disasters, and maybe try practising the dish a couple of times first before preparing it for your family and friends.”

2. Prepare seasonal dishes

Your summer menu should utilise fresh ingredients for the best taste. “Cook using ingredients that are in season between June and August. These are the ones that will be available in the supermarket and that will grow best in your garden during the warmer months,” Tina shares.

Fruits such as apples, strawberries and rhubarb grow best in the UK during the summer months. They and can be used to bake tasty desserts such as strawberry shortcake or apple and rhubarb crumble.

Vegetables including asparagus, rocket, beetroot, celery and fennel also flourish around this time and can be used to prepare stunning side dishes for the BBQ, your main meal, or to craft a zesty salad.

“Invest in kitchen gadgets like the Judge stainless steel three-tier steamer, and a pair of herb scissors to prepare healthy and delicious vegetable dishes,” Tina says.

Salter’s electronic bowl scale and Mason Cash’s heritage cake tins are must-haves for any aspiring baker.”

You can also invest in jars and containers to store fruit jams, chutneys, and preserves made from plants that you’ve grown.

“Kilner’s range of glass jars are available in an assortment of sizes, and their airtight seal is perfect for keeping food fresh,” Tina shares. “You can cook a large batch of sauce, pickle or compote all in one sitting, to last you throughout the summer.”


3. Make sure you have all the kitchen essentials

Any home chef needs a well-stocked kitchen, including an assortment of kitchen gadgets and a wide range of utensils, to successfully take on new recipes.

“The KitchenAid range provides you with all the essentials you’ll need, from spatulas to peelers, strainers and professional quality gourmet knife sets,” Tina says. “Each piece is available in a bold red or contemporary white design to ensure your kitchen items match one another perfectly.”

It can also be a good idea to plan ahead if you will be hosting several guests. If you have a particular menu in mind, research the recipes beforehand, and make sure you have everything you need to create your dinner.

4. Create a beautiful outdoor dining table

“To set the mood for your summer celebration and create a relaxing dining atmosphere for your family and friends, it’s important to design a cosy and inviting dining area, especially when eating alfresco,” Tina says.

You can use soft linens such as table runners and napkins to dress your table. The delicate designs featured in Sophie Allport Hare set will work perfectly. Discover dinner and serve ware from The Mary Berry Signature collection to continue the nature theme and find elegant dining pieces that can be used both every day and for special occasions.

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Posted by Alex Dagg 20th April 2022

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